You can love dating again. You can find someone quality that you actually want to partner with for life. Transform your dating life with the Date Great Course featuring Kait, Dating Expert and Host of the Heart of Dating Podcast.  

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  • Believe you me, I know that navigating the waters of dating can be ambiguous and murky.  
  • BUT... What if all of that could change?  
  • ...because it CAN.  
  • Here's the deal: You are not alone.  
  • You can love dating again. You can stop feeling so frustrated. You can avoid heartbreaks that completely destroy you. You can actually love yourself and feel confident in the process. You can find someone worthy of keeping. You can have a healthy, lasting Christian relationship.

THE DATE GREAT Course is a 5 week intensive course meant to completely transform your dating life as a Christian. Each week we will dive into a new module together as a #TRIBE. You will be surrounded by a supportive community and I will personally be leading you through every step of the way to re-claiming love, excitement, and resiliency in your dating life.

This course comes complete with weekly videos, homework, inspirational attachments, a FB Group Community of like minded individuals, direct 1 on 1 support from yours truly, as well as BONUS materials.

You. Are. BEYOND. Deserving. Of. Something. AMAZING.

About Your Instructor

Kait Warman is a motivational speaker, dating expert, and the Host of the Heart of Dating Podcast. She has over 15+ years of dating experience and has spent her life dedicated to helping others thrive in their dating lives as they navigate the murky waters of Christian dating together.

Kait Warman Speaker. Blogger. Podcast Host.